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    January 8, 2010 by Choices13

    Hey. if anyone needs help with making a page for their Total Drama Series, just ask.

    ~Choices13, YouTube user: ILikeTotalDrama

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    The Choices We Make

    November 4, 2009 by Choices13

    "The Choices We Make" is a Total Drama Series made by YouTube user ILikeTotalDrama. It premiered January 19, 2010 on YouTube.

    Welcome to Stoneridge High School, where 6 teens face problems that need to be resolved. How to resolve them? The choice is theirs to make.............

    • Karrah "Kare" is the considered the main character. The problems she faces is shown more than the others. She is also the weirdest one out of the rest of them.  
    • Erika "Rik" is a guy-crazy chick. She likes to bother other people about their crushes. But when it comes to her crush, "Shh!".
    • Leighton "Leigh" is the one who doesn't speak much. But he has a major crush on Farrah.
    • Kevin "Kev" is the nice guy. Farrah's crushing on him.
    • Zeena "Z" is the nerdy chick. She's bullied less …

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