The campers that where going to carbeen were Cody Bridgette DJ Geoff Katie and Sadie Tyler Lawsher and gwen Izzy and Ducan Noan Heather Lindsey but Bridgette is cross with Geoff because he had datert a rich sailor girl and said she will get a sexyer hotter boyfriend that will love her to bits Geoff said to her I bit he is a losser bridgette said to Geoff shut up. Cody and DJ are talking about what Bridgette wears for bras and undies. Cody said she prolby has a g string DJ said she must have one lets look in her bag but Bridgette said what are you to doing Cody and DJ said nuthing. Bridgette went for a little swim in the pool and thinked about what the compertishen is going to like she then went to her room as she was going to bed a hook was opening her door and the door openend Bridgette turn round nothing was there but when she was about to go to bed a man looking at Bridgette saw what he was he was a pirate who had he's  hand bit off by a crocodile with a short fat man with glasses Bridgette said who are you and what do want from me. The pirate said I am Captain Hook and you going to be a pirate Bridgette got scared and tired to get alway from Hook but was stopped by Smee come on Smee said Hook wets take to my ship yes captain said Smee all the campers were looking around for but Heather said lets for get about her no said campers and then they hered hooks voice and saw Bridgette on he's ship there she is they all run to save her  but hooks pirates were garding the ship great said Tyler so what to do nall ever camper looked at rech ather and thinked how they were going to save her.

to be coutien