HI there you all know total drama island total drama action but it is time for one hiro that goes in time to furter and back and love comes to this hiro were fells in love with a surfer girl but there is evil to this man and alony he can save the day but new evil has come and can kill him to his death but the campers can  help him in this fight and this man's name is Doctor who the last of the timelords. [[Category:bridgette and Doctor who have sexy times the Doctor likes to fiel evey body part of Bridgette He thinks about her in his dream where she and him having sex to gether Bridgette fiels happy around him after she met him when he saved her from captain hook the Doctor's saying to Bridgette you are so sexy Bridgette's saying to the Doctor is your are hotter then Geoff and braver they both say that in the bed were they have sex and the Doctor says in the bed at summer time it is to hot to hot and Bridgette says ho I love you when say its to hot to hot you are hot so love give them to gether.]]