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Pilot At the beginning of the episode, it is revealed that Karrah likes Kevin, and Erika likes Sean. Karrah is ticked at John since he can already dye his hair, and Karrah can't until she's 16. Later on, Erika admits that she has never said a word to Sean. So, Karrah helps her get noticed by Sean, who called Erika "cutie", after Erika complimented him.

At lunchtime, it is also revealed that Leighton likes Karrah, even though he is dating Brooke, which is what John calls stupidity. John warns Leighton that he better find out what to do before Kevin steals Karrah. It also appears that maybe Karrah and Kevin are crushing on each other, as Karrah flirted with Kevin.

Also during lunchtime, Nicole and Zeena seemed to be arguing about a lunch table. Once Zeena made a comeback, Nicole made Kati and Kori, The Sidekick Clones, beat up Zeena. After a few hits, Zeena surrendered. John carelessly headed for after-school activities, whom Leighton called a "careless dipwad".


The Question At the beginning, Kevin and Karrah make plans to meet later. Kevin and Leighton, without knowing, asks Karrah the same question in chat, which was "What kind of guy would you like for a boyfriend?". Karrah told Kevin that him and Leighton qualified, then regretted telling Kevin that. But Kevin promised not to tell. Karrah told Leighton "a funny hottie", getting ticked off about the same question.

Once Karrah meets Kevin, she tells Kevin that Leighton asked her the same question. Then the two heard somebody crying, which turned out to be Zeena. Zeena said that a pair of twins (The Sidekick Clones) dumped her into a trashcan full of a canine's mess, and used cigarettes. Karrah decides to help Zeena, so they both go into a bathroom. Kevin was disappointed.

In the bathroom, Zeena and Karrah socializes as Zeena puts on some clothes that Karrah gave her. Zeena assumed that Kevin was Karrah's boyfriend, as he looked disappointed. But Karrah assured her that they were just friends.

After Zeena had left, and Karrah had went back to Kevin, Kevin thinks that he found out why Leighton asker her the same question. He thought that Leighton like Karrah, too. Panicking, Karrah decided to go, and talk to Erika about this. Kevin was disapointed............again.


As Long As You Hang With Us : Once again in school, Karrah introduces Zeena to the rest of her friends. As Nicole walks toward them, Zeena gets scared. But, Karrah said that Nicole doesn't bother them, "Thanks to John".

After Ms. Humphrey (the principal) makes an announcement about the Back To School Dance, Brooke wants to go to the dance with Leighton, who accepts. Also, Kevin is going with Karrah. Erika and Zeena wants to go shopping for the dance, and urges Karrah to come with them. Karrah doesn't want to go, as she has tons of clothes to choose from. But after a long annoyance of "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease"'s from Erika, Karrah gives up, and decides to go shopping.

In gym class, Ms Manson, the gym teacher, decides not to let the kids have P.E., since there was enough P.C. in gym class the other day. So, she decides to give them a "talk". After gym class, Sean asks Erika to the dance, who accepts. Then, Sean gave Erika a kiss on the cheek. But it was so close to her mouth that she almost fainted, in Erika's eyes.

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