Selena (Host)

100% Total Drama Model Edit

  This is a total drama model show made by Youtube user Comongang (To go to this users site use this link)[1].  The will be 22 contestants.

There is no contestants now. This page will keep you updated on the charaters and whos in and whos out.

Charaters Edit

Selena Edit

     Selena is the host of "100% Total Drama Model."   

Physical Appearance Edit

   Her physical appearence is that she is as tall as the "Total Drama" charater Courtney. She is African American. She has black hair that she keeps in a ponytail.

Clothing Edit

    Her usual clothing is a long black shirt, with a teal tang top under it.  He wears pink pants and black biker-like boots with pink heels.

Personality Edit

    She is nice, sassy and stern.  Once in a while she may act like "Total Drama" host Chris McClean.  But sometimes she shows she has a soft spot